Silicate Mineral Coating System

Alligator Inorganic Silicate Mineral Coating is a totally odorless paint with less than 5% organic compound. It creates a chemical bond with substrate and offers weather protection, non-peeling/flaking and resistance to water, UV, acids, solvents and fungus growth.

Interior Mineral Paint


A True Inorganic Silicate Mineral Paint produced to DIN 18363 2.4.1 standard for silicate paint. (Organic Content must be <5% By Weight) & EN 13300 Class 3 Wet Abrasion & DIN 53778 Wash Resistant, Chemical Bonding, Non-Peeling, Non-Flaking, Resistant to Water, Acids, Chemical Solvents, Fungus/Mold Growth, Alkaline in nautre, Lightfast & Breathable, Heat Resistant, Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible, Odourless, Environmentally-Friendly & awarded with Singapore Green Label.

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* Environmentally friendly certified with the Green Label
* Incombustible & Non Toxic
* Not Discolored under our tropical climatic condition
* Highly water repellent / permeability
* Hinders fungi and algae due to its alkaline nature
* Natural ingredient
* Petrificatrion
* Durability

Definition of the German DIN 18363 2.4.1 Standard For Silicate Paint

Silicate Paint originated from Germany in 1769. Todate, it is still being produced only in Germany and no where else in the world because of its highly-guard formulation is held strictly by only a few German paint producers. Due to its wide-spread popularity in Europe, imitation products had appeared in Europe and Asian regions since 1980’s. This had thus necessitated guidelines to be adopted to differentiate a true silicate paint against imitations.

Appended and explained at below is the definition of the German DIN18363 2.4.1 Standard that was being adopted for silicate paints. This replaced the previous version DIN 18363 2.4.6

Definition of DIN 17363 2.4.1 Standard for Silicate Paint

1. Dispersion silicate paints are to consist of Potassium Silicate, inorganic pigments and inorganic fillers.

2. Dispersion silicate paints may incorporate organic components (emulsifier) in up to a maximum amount of 5% by weight of the total paint content.

3. Pigments to be used must be resistant to potassium silicate.

In essence, a silicate paint must be potassium silicate based and to comprise of potassium silicate resistant inorganic components with up to a maximum of 5% by weight of organic content. Thus, any paint material/system that does not conform to these three basic criteria cannot be classified as a Silicate Paint.

Generic Nature:

Water-based & Inorganic Nature.


1.5 kg/litre for White Colour;

1.48 to 1.56 kg/litre for Colours.


11 (Alkaline Nature).


Potassium silicate chemical binder,  mineral fillers like quartz sand & fluorspar and lightfast metal oxides colour pigments.


Colouring Pigment basis:

Titanium dioxide.


Non-Flammable, Non-Combustible in accordance DIN 4102/A2.


Thermal Coefficient:

Similar with Mineral surfaces

Anti-Carbonation Feature:

Achieved via its combined features of water-repellent, zero capillary behaviour, acid-resistant, alkaline nature to prevent CO2 and acid rain

impregnation into the substrate.


Colour Choices:

Over 264 standard colours in semi-matt/gloss finish.

Field of application (Interior):

1)  For all mineral surfaces, forming

chemical & permanent bonding.

2) For Repainting on firm  & stable existing polymeric paintworks to form excellent mechanical bonding.


MSDS Data:

100% water-based wih no chemical solvents; Odourless, non-Toxic, non-Flammable/Combustible.


Application Pretreatment:

No Primer/Sealer required due to

similar Alkaline Nature as mineral surfaces.


Surface moisture level:

No restriction because of its high-breathability; may be applied on damp plasters without Peeling.


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