Silicate Mineral Coating System


Alligator Inorganic Silicate Mineral Coating is a totally odorless paint with less than 5% organic compound. It creates a chemical bond with substrate and offers weather protection, non-peeling/flaking and resistance to water, UV, acids, solvents and fungus growth.

Inorganic Concrete Glaze

Concrete Glaze

A reactive and chemical binding, one component silicate based Glaze Coating System Formulated in compliance to DIN 18363 2.4.1 standard for use on fairface concrete and cement-sand plastered surfaces to equalize the varying colour tones of such sustrate surfaces. Available in various shades of translucent Greyish Tones for creating a suitable matching to resemble the natural greyish colours of such surfaces to give a certain level of an equalized colour tone and translucency/opacity to each individual’s preference. All the colours are ultra-violet resistant and absolutely non-fading.


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  • Odourless
  • Highest Weather Resistance
  • Durable
  • Non Peeling/Flaky
  • Highly Water Vapour Permeable w/ Water Repellency
  • Non- Colour Fading
  • No Fungus/ Algae Growth


A Silicate Paint system according to DIN 18363 2.4.1 Comprising purely inorganic components such as a highly reactive liquid waterglass and lightfast inorganic colour pigments. Solvent free and odourless.


Technical Features

Chemical binding through Silification, creating a non-film forming and homogenous layer of impregnated silicate stones coating within the applied substrates. Excellent and permanent chemical binding even with concrete surface. A solvent test is the best proof of its chemical binding nature to give the highest weather resistance and durability requirement.

Non peeling/flaking, lightfast and highly water vapour permeable with some water repellency.

Pre-masking Glaze Coat:

It is common and inevitable that unremoveable blackish solid stains would be left on fairface concrete surface due to coating delaminated from timber form-work and formwork oil, etc. These are normally not dissolvable by the Concrete Cleaner nor even strong chemical solvents. In lieu of the employing grinding or sand-blasting, a Pre-Masking Glaze Coat in a suitable greyish colour tone could be applied to lighten the colour of the blackish stains and any other sections that are vastly darker in colour tone. Much skill or trial-and-error tests would be needed to execute the masking coat(s) to an opacity/translucency level to meet individual’s preference.


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