Floor Coating

Apply SELLECOAT to a wet concrete floor, even with a moisture content of 100% and, with its peeling-free and loss-free functions due to the Goretex effect, this is an eco-friendly paint-type inorganic floor covering material.




SELLECOAT  is an eco friendly inorganic flooring material which can be applied to the surroundings of 100% humidity & 100% moist content.  thus SELLECOAT flooring can be applicable to wet concrete.


SELLECOAT is an inorganic polymer paint type flooring material featuring discoloration free & high versatility

SELLECOAT acquired domestic patent & international patent (pct), registered as supplier for public procurement service and certified as an eco-friendly product.

The Floor Covering Material Available For Both Wet & Dry Construction.

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As a flooring material – HACCP*GMP Standards Applied Business Place, Seafood Processing Company, Food Factory, Logistics Center, Cold Storage, Refrigeration Waterhouse, Underground Parking Lot, Precision Machining Factory, Hospital, Office Floors, etc.








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