Acoustics & Thermal Insulation

A spray-applied acoustical texture designed to provide an attractive, high performance solution to acoustical and lighting design objectives.

Spray-on systems



SonaKrete was developed to satisfy the need for a refined, aesthetically pleasing finish that would be appropriate for both historical restoration and modern design trends. High-quality installations are assured because ICC has licensed only those contractors who have reputations for outstanding workman-ship with our other spray acoustic and thermal insulation systems.

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Surfaces receiving SonaKrete should be checked for possible contaminates, i.e. rust, water stains, etc. prior to application. These contaminates must be sealed with the appropriate product to prevent bleed through. For best results a level three, and preferably level four, primed finish is recommended. SonaKrete is not intended for ribbed metal deck applications; for these projects SonaSpray “fc” or K-13 would be more appropriate products of choice.


Custom integral colors are possible with SonaKrete and allows your design team the opportunity to be creative with ceilings and walls that contribute to the room’s design theme. SonaKrete resists impact and abrasion without cracking or spalling, typical of traditional plaster and cementitious- based materials. SonaKrete provides for a faster application while achieving exceptional acoustical performance and an attractive visual appearance. Thus, it can be installed at a more competitive cost than any plaster system.



SonaKrete is a premium acoustic finish product. Noise reduction of up to 75% can easily be achieved with a smooth plaster like appearance. SonaKrete is used primarily where drywall, plaster, brown coat, or any other smooth surface is present or will be installed.

SonaKrete is applied in thin layers with each pass trowel out to compress the prodcuct. This produces the desired densitiy and smooth teture. All edges are trimmed with each pass for a seamless appearance to adjacent surfaces or textures. The final result is a beautiful hard finish, free from irregularities.


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